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Captain Henry Morgan's Biography

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1enable Captain Henry Morgan's Biography on Tue 23 Oct 2018 - 17:14


Captain Henry Morgan is known to be everyone's favorite pirate,and there are many tales surrounding him,and here is his true biography. Captain henry Morgan was not born in Jamaica neither was he from Panama nor Spain.
He was a welsh man who traveled from wales,with some of his family to settle and work in Jamaica as privateers,or most popular known as pirate or buccaneer.
They later became Jamaican citizens. He was empowered by the English to carry out tasks in the 16th to 17th and were seen as legal pirates.
He is one of the historical figure that influenced the movie,pirates of the Caribbean.
He was also known to be a land owner from wales before he later became a swash buckling pirate in port royal Jamaica.
He was made captain of his own ship at 27 and carried out raids on other rival privateers. Captain henry Morgan most successful raid was in 1666 in panama,he fought 3000 Spanish soldiers and gained a lot of wealth.
But he did not manage to take their gold nor silver,because someone must've tipped them off and they his them well. Although the raid was a success,they lost five ships while drinking rum and celebrating their victory.

In 1966 he was made colonel of the port royal militia and elected admiral if his ships,and later became commander of all Jamaican forces in 1669 and by 1670 he was commanding 36 ships,with 1800 men working for him.

Legend has it that he was once kidnapped in Barbados,in a title barbadosed,and henry Morgan was angered when he heard the news.

In 2011 one of his ships known as the satisfaction was later found,buried hundreds of feet in the panama waters. The artifacts found remain with the Panama government.

Captain Morgan was also a trader,and he bought 120 slaves from African traders,who were later put to work on his plantations in Jamaica.

He was born in 1635 in Llanrhymny glamorgan wales Monmouthshire, a village in Cardiff,near Newport in south wales. It cannot be traced where he spent his childhood Jamaica or wales,but he died at a place known as Lawrence field in jamaica on 25 august 1688 at age 53.
He was active from 1663 to 1671,until his death from dropsie tuberculosis or liver disease. His body was laid at kings house in Jamaica for the public to view,and he was buried at the palisadoes cemetery.

Henry was appointed knight bachelor in the uk ,but before all that he was imprisoned by king Charles 11. King Charles 11 freed Morgan when his pirates in Jamaica became reluctant to carry out raids on enemy ships without him,and also to sort out troubles that were brewing in the Caribbean on the lucrative sugar trade.

Morgan acted as lieutenant governor of Jamaica and served until 1683. Like poet Shakespeare morgan was romanticised after his death and became a character across many genres. An earthquake struck port Royal on 7 June 1692 and two thirds of the town sank,including Jamaica's Kingston harbour after the main shock. Palisadoes cemetery including Morgan's coffin went into the sea and was never recovered.

Captain Henry morgan married his uncle's daughter Mary Elizabeth Morgan in 1665,but the couple never had any children.
His story is still told in books movies and his many spiced rum.

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