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For the anxious and depressed people

Thu 15 Nov 2018 - 4:37 by After8mint


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Vevine Goldson Biography 2 growing up

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1BULLEY Vevine Goldson Biography 2 growing up on Sun 10 Jun 2018 - 19:06



Vevine Goldson Biography life while growing up(Part 2)
Vevine Goldson's Biography (

Vevine Goldson (Moy)grew up in a middle class family to a fashion designer mother and a technician father,she was officially adopted by her step dad a world war 11 veteran who partly raised her,when her step dad passed away her grandfather came for her and took her to live with her biological father and family;Her home-life was complicated due to her mother's frequent illness. As a child growing up vevine attended the St Marys primary a catholic school and was a quiet and competent student.
Like her mother vevine studied fashion and got a diploma;Vevine writes poetry in her spare-time.Vevine Goldson family is of Afro Caribbean,English and Scottish descent. Vevine Writes in her spare time and likes listening to classics while she writes. Vevine Goldson wrote two poetry books to date; Poems spring to life and the cinematic waltz.

Facts about Vevine Goldson that you did not know.

(1)Vevine likes having fish for pets: Vevine has had a number of pet fishes when she was a little girl. Silver and gold fishes use to be her favorite.She could'nt resist not buying them on her way home from school.

(2)When Vevine was growing up she got addicted to gambling. Poker machines were her thing during school holidays,her older sister and a friend was what got her hooked when they introduced her to the games. Vevine thinks poker machines are one of the best artistry that was ever created.

(3)Table tennis and pool are vevine's favorite sport games. Vevine's love affair with table tennis started when she went on holiday and spent time in an all inclusive resort. She got bored and went off with a friend to play and found out that it was quite easy.

(4)Vevine had a paranormal experience when she was five years old. Something jolted her from her sleep and when she opened her eyes,in the pitch black of the room on the closet a white hand was slowly moving around. Her mother sensed that she was awake and ushered her back to sleep.

(5)Growing up vevine was surrounded by a lot of books,children's story books was what made up most of the collections. Her mother was always reading her stories.

(6)When vevine was little she use to like running around in the grass in her garden catching insects butterflies and grasshoppers. She got bitten twice at different times in the forehead by beez.

(7)Vevine had a pet pig when she was around nine years old. Her dad bought her a baby pig as a welcoming surprise when she went back to live with him. She remembered The big house being surrounded by forest and lots of vacant land,it was pure heaven for a little girl with a pet pig.

(8)Vevines childhood doll use to wear a black and white checkered dress and blue diamond studded earings. The doll as vevine described was very tall and cholocate tan,pretty with thick long straight black hair and brown eyes. The doll was given to vevine (AKA)Moy by a family friend; The neighbours use to claim that the doll look just like her.

(9)When Vevine was in second grade,she went from an A student to a D student because she was unable to cope with her school work;she was placed in group D and was told to sit with D students;but when she sat the end of term exam she came first in her class;Vevine was the only one in group D that passed. Her teacher accused her of copying and went and got out another sheet of the same exam. The teacher set out the work on the board and told vevine to do over the exam on the black-board,this time while standing,infront the whole class,for the second time vevine got all the answers correct;Her teacher was left perplexed.

(10)When vevine recieved her first kindergarten book from her mother,she got addicted to reading. She read that book morning straight back to the wee hrs of the night. Her favorite and first poem in the book was about two little rabbits.
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